• Once we have a concise brief from you, we will provide you with a detailed formal signed Contract Estimate for your approval & signature before we start. We prefer to work on a negotiated basis for quality realistic clients. We charge a fair fee for top quality work, experienced professional advise & guidance. The quality of our work saves you money by the end of the project.
  • We will work with you to meet your required timeframes if at all possible.
    We will advise you of the timeframes that Local Council require to process any Consents/Permits.
  • Most of the time we can carry out this work ourselves. However if a consultant is required we will obtain signed quotes for your approval and coordinate any consultants on your behalf, saving you time, money and hassle. We minimise the Engineers input required as we carry out most Geotechnical Field testing & site observation as our Engineers agent. Many Engineering items we can design ourselves utilizing Specifi software & we can design on site waste water & storm water disposal. This minimises CPEng input & saves your money. If CPEng expertise is required we will coordinate & arrange this for you.
  • No, we will incorporate engineering details into our drawings, again saving you & your builder time, money and hassle.
  • Often we can shoot any levels and provide a contour plan ourselves. We will advise you if a Registered Surveyor is required and obtain a quote for your approval.
  • No worries, we can take care of that for you too, be it for a District Council or a Regional Council. If it requires specific specialist input we can arrange & coordinate the right consultant for you.
  • Yes, we can legalise as much as possible, these additions for you through a process called a Certificate of Acceptance.
  • Yes, we provide 3D visualizations, solar animation video and even an Animated Walk Through video of your project.
  • Again, no worries, we work with several specialist Fire Engineers & will provide a signed quote & coordinate this work for you.
  • Normally we can also take care of that for you. We carry out all field work & reporting as our Engineers Agent. This saves you money.

    Occasionally for very steep sites with evidence of movement or slips, or if a specific councils riles require it, we will suggest & arrange a specialist Geotechnical Engineer to do the work often in conjunction with us. We will provide a signed quote from one of our colleagues for this work & coordinate them for you.
  • Yes we do this work & are approved non CPEng Producer Statement Authors with both Thames Coromandel District Coucil & Hauraki District Council. Western Bays & Tauranga City Councils accept our work too. Often we can carry the field work out for this at the same time as we carry out any Geotechnical testing & levels, again saving for money & hassle.

    We also are able to supply your Sewage Treatment Plant delivered to your site. We supply reputable Hynds & Ecocyle treatment plants.
  • Going for the cheapest price for design & documentation work invariably costs you more by the time you complete construction. Here's some examples of why;

Essentially, Actionplans Ltd is a Complete Design Consultancy.  A one stop shop providing a seamless fully integrated design, documentation, Contract Administration & Project Management package to our clients.