Bay of Plenty & Coromandel Peninsula Design Consultancy.


Actionplans Ltd provide the following services...

  • Specialists in Technically Difficult Projects
  • Architectural, Structural & Environmental Engineering
  • Residential | Commercial | Retail | Industrial
  • Revit 3D CAD Design, Draughting & Visualisation
  • Building Consent Applications
  • Resource Consent Reporting & Applications
  • Geotechnical Field Investigations & Reporting
  • Subdivision Site Suitability Reporting & Engineering
  • On Site Sewage Disposal Design
  • Stormwater Disposal Design - detention, soak pits 
  • Topographical surveying.
  • Leaky Home Remediation Design
  • Legalistion of Unauthorised Building Work (COA)
  • Construction Systems Design
  • Analysis & Feasibility Studies
  • EQC Affected Projects.
  • Contract Administration (NZS3910)
  • Site Observation (NZS3910)
  • PS4 & NZS4404 Site Observation for Consulting Engineers
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Supply
  • Water Filtration & Dissinfection Plant Supply
  • Water Pump Supply

Actionplans Ltd is a one-stop consutancy servicing the Bay of Plenty & Coromandel regoins, providing a seamless fully integrated design and documentation package to our clients.  This means that you only need to deal with one consultant, Actionplans Ltd, saving you valuable time, money and frustration. 

We are available for individual projects and long or short-term contracts & operate on a negotiated basis rather than tenderiong for projects.

All our design work is carried out on Revit and AutoCAD software, world leading 3D CAD technology. Our Specifications are produced using leading Masterspec Nextgen cloud based software & administration taken care of with Workflowmax & Xero cloud based software

We work closely with our prefered Structural Engineers such as Kirk Roberts Consulting Engineers Ltd, E3 Consulting Engineers Ltd & Kodiak Consulting Engineers Ltd for most of our work but often work with others. We can now provide our own Structural Engineering design & site observation work by utilising "Specifi" cloud based software developed by Kirk Roberts Consulting Engineers Ltd. This saves time rather than waiting for an Engineer to be available to do the work.

In the Bay of Plenty where required for liquifaction assessment such as for subdivision work, we work in with Cat 1 CPEng Geotechnnical Engineer Marianne from ICE Construction Ltd & Perry Geotech Ltd for deep CPT Geotechnical testing. Hand held testing is carried out by us. Where a Cat 1 Geotechnnical Engineer is not required we also work with Kirk Roberts Consulting Engineers Ltd.

In the Coromadel area we work in with Glenn Gille CPEng Geotechniocal Engineer from Ormiston Associates where their expertise is required.

To provide surety regarding competence, quality and professionalism to our clients, Actionplans Ltd is Design 2 Licensed with the Ministry of Building Innovation & Employment (MBIE) & is a Professional Member of Architectural Designers NZ, ADNZ.



  1. We are a one-stop consutancy providing a seamless fully integrated design and documentation package to our clients saving you time, hassle & money as you only need to deal with us for everything. As a result we design with the big picture in mind not just the architectural aspect of the project. This also results in a more efficient & cost effective build.
  2. We carry out all geotechnical field testing & work which minimises how much work is required by a Chartered Professional Engineer, saving you money on their fees. Where necessary we bring in the right CPEng expertise to work in with us.
  3. We carry out all structural detailing(not just architectural) & incorporate it into our drawings. This ensures properly coordinated drawings that are easier for the builder, suppliers & sub trades to work off. Saves their time & you money. Utilising "Specifi" software we can now carry out all structural design & site obervation work ourselves.
  4. We are often able to act as the Chartered Professional Engineers Agent for all inspections (PS4) required during construction, saving you money on their fees.
  5. We can often design all of your sewage or storm water disposal requirements saving you money on a Chartered Professional Engineer.
  6. We can supply your sewage treatment plant, water pumps & filtration/disinfection systems protecting you from overzealous subtrade margins.
  7. We work hard to maintain a very good working relationship with Council staff which helps streamline achieving consents. Councils know us & the quality of our work & appreciate the efforts we go to to work in with their requirements.
  8. We can also help you with sourcing quality builders & sub trades in the Coromandel Region. We know who the best ones are.
  9. We want your experience to be easy & stress free with us as we bring together all design aspects of the project to achieve your Building Consent or Resource Consent in a timely manner.
  10. We give you honest answers with regard costs so your expectations are realistic & you are prepared leading into your project. Underpromise over deliver, not the other way around.


Consulting throughout the Coromandel, Waikato & Bay of Plenty Regions since 1995.
Tairua, Pauanui, Whangamata, Whitianga, Thames, Coromandel, Tauranga, Western Bays & the Bay of Plenty.

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