Structural Engineering Consultancy Services

Structural Engineering Design Work

We are a structural design and multi-disciplinary design office. We can often design all of your structural elements in house utilising Specifi software, backed by Kirk Roberts Consulting Engineers Ltd. This saves you both time delays in waiting for a CPEng Engineer and money in the fees a CPEng Engineer would charge. We also carry out all PS4 site observation of structural elements, again saving you both time and money.

PS4 site observation of foundations, blockwork and other structural elements on residence completed by Actionplans Ltd.

We design and detail all aspects of structure, including reinforced concrete and structural steel, right through to shop drawing level if required. Our experience is extensive on commercial projects, as well as with complex residential projects. When specific design of structural elements beyond what we can do is required, we bring in and coordinate a CPEng Structural Engineer, & act as their agent for site observation for all of our work, saving you money. We work closely with our preferred Structural Engineers including Kirk Roberts Consulting Engineers Ltd but will also work with your choice of engineer upon request. 

We pride ourselves in our ability to coordinate structure with architecture and undertake both the structural and architectural design for almost all of our projects. This provides your builder with a beautifully coordinated set of drawings and documentation, as well as minimising on site problems for the builder and avoids unnecessary costs for you!

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