Wastewater & Stormwater Products We Supply

As well as the design of onsite sewage and stormwater disposal systems, we can also supply to our clients:

  • Humes Oasis Clearwater sewage treatment plants
  • Water Filtration Systems, water filtration and UV disinfection systems
  • Davey water pumps

Actionplans Ltd supplied the sewage treatment plant, Davey water pump and waterguard water filtration and UV disinfection system shown in this photo. We also designed the onsite sewage disposal and stormwater disposal, plus the portable water supply to the house.

An example of the connection of a secondary sewage treatment module to an existing septic tank in order to improve the effluent quality. Plus a new dripper line disposal system to replace the old trench disposal system, both designed by Actionplans Ltd.

We specialise in providing our clients an entire design package and that includes supplying you directly with the products you need, saving you both time and money. To find out more about the stormwater and wastewater products we can supply, please contact Jon today for a chat.