Stormwater & Wastewater Disposal Design Tauranga

Needing Your Onsite Stormwater or Wastewater Disposal Design Sorted?

When your site needs an onsite sewage waste or stormwater disposal system, we can help. When designing your system, we take into consideration your site, system options and system capacity.

At Actionplans Ltd, we can assist you with both your wastewater and stormwater disposal design work and PS1 Producer Statment, including:
  • Stormwater disposal design of soakpits or detention tanks
  • Wastewater disposal design reports
We can also supply direct to our clients a range of wastewater and stormwater products too.

Jon is an approved OSET on site wastewater designer with BOP Regional Council & also approved on the Waikato Group Register for on site wastewater & stormwater disposal design. This means Jon can carry out this work anywhere in the BOP,  Waikato & other regions, including the Coromandel Peninsula. 

If you're ready to proceed with your stormwater or wastewater disposal design project, so are we.
Please contact Jon today to arrange a time to meet up or for a chat.


Humes Oasis Clearwater Secondary On Site Sewage Treatment Plant installation - Coroglen. 

Plant is lifted by hyab from the delivery truck directly into the excavated hole.

A stormwater detention system designed for a Hahei property. 

Finger is pointing to the detention outlet in a water tank where it connects into the main outflow.

In addition to the geotechnical work, Actionplans Ltd also completed the onsite sewage disposal design and stormwater detention and disposal design on this Hahei residence.

Treatment plant installed, awaiting final back fill around it to cover pipes

A surface dripper line disposal system run through the bush