Geotechnical Consultancy Services

Bay of Plenty, Waikato & Coromandel Geotechnical Testing & Consultancy Services

We undertake geotechnical and building specific soil site investigations to assess their suitability for building on and for design of foundation systems. This is carried out using hand held testing.

We also collaborate with a number of preferred CPEng Geotechnical Engineers and bring them in when their expertise is required, such as for liquefaction assessment or slope stability assessment. 

When undertaking geotech testing, these are some of the tools we use (from left to right) include:

  • Scala Penetrometer lifter.
  • Shear Vane, for testing cohesive soils like clays.
  • Auger for sampling soils along the test depths.
  • Scala Penetrometer for testing granular soils like sands.

Geotech work completed in Matarangi for the new build's foundations, plus stormwater detention and disposal design. PS4 site observation of the foundations was also carried out by Actionplans Ltd.

Pauanui home. Actionplans Ltd completed the geotech testing for the foundations, plus the design of stormwater disposal to soakpits.

Geotech testing is required by Shear Vane in clay soils like this. The Scala Penetrometer may also be used to find rock at greater depths.

Geotechnical testing is required by Scala Penetrometer in sand soils like this.

If you're ready to proceed with your geotechnical testing, so are we. Contact Jon today to arrange a time for a meet up or a chat.