Purangi New Dwelling

Actionplans Ltd provided:

  • Geotechnical field testing, assessment & reporting.
  • On site sewage & storm water disposal field assessment, testing & disposal systems design work.
  • Surveying of levels & creation of contours for the building platform.
  • Design of potable roof water supply, filtration & disinfection.
  • Design, drawings & documentation for our new home including all architectural & structural detailing.
  • Structural Engineer design input coordination & management.
  • Submission & management of the Building Consent process through to Building Consent being gained.
  • Site Observation as required by the structural engineer for PS4 for foundations.
  • Supply of our on site sewage treatment plant & dripper line irrigation system including coordination of a licensed installer.
  • Supply of our water filtration & disinfection system.
  • Supply of our water pump