Leaky Home Resolution

We have extensive experience in Leaky Home Resolution work. We take care of the entire design & Building Consent process & will even tender & administer the contract for you. Well make the process easy for you.

We appreciate how stressfull owning & remedying a leaky home can be. We are available give you solid advise on your situation as they all differ from one project to the next. We will coordinate with the Council & the DBH, give you good advise & design the best re-clad solution for you, so that your dwelling will gain  Code Compliance Certificate & regain it's value.

We leave "no stone un-turned" in assessing & detailing the remedial work for your building, & will advise you so that every "t" is crossed & every "i" dotted . Often we make improvements in the original building design for our clients as part of the process.

We will guide you through the complexity of the leaky home resolution process, giving you straight answers to your questions & how best to regain a Code Compliance Certificate for your building.

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